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Welcome to FODMAP Fructose Friendly Product Listing & Recipes.

Our fructose friendly app is now available.

The FODMAP Fructose Friendly Recipe App was created to help people diagnosed with fructose malabsorption, irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) and other functional gut disorders who have found that their digestive systems function better when certain FODMAPs are avoided.

Our app not only provides great recipes we also have a fructose friendly product listing. Simply down load our phone app and you can instantly identify which products in the super market isle are fructose friendly.

We have created the first Australian based fructose friendly grocery listing - now you can shop and easily look up products on our app to test their fructose friendliness.

We I was first diagnosed as Fructose Intolerant I struggled to identify products in my local supermarket that would be suitable for my new diet. A lot of packaging lacks clear identification of the products fructose content. I would spend many hours looking at labels to work out the sugar content and the likelihood I would suffer if I consumed the product in question. This gave rise to the Fructose Friendly App - we have created a comprehensive listing of products that are fructose friendly.

We have also shared many of our own recipes on this app, recipes are regularly updated.
We've done the hard work for you - We have a comprehensive fructose friendly product listing on our app

Not sure if a typical grocery product is fructose friendly or not? Simply down load our app that lists the products available in the Australian supermarkets that are fructose friendly.
What is Fructose Intolerance?

Fructose is the naturally occurring sugar found in fruit. When you are on a fructose-free diet you need to avoid all fruit and fruit juices, sweetened milks, honey, cured meat products, maple or corn syrup, table sugar (beet and cane), confectionary, muesli bars, sugary breakfast cereals.

'Over 25 % of Australian's suffer from Fructose Intolerance !
Many go undiagnosed'

There is no cure for the fructose malabsorption but it can be managed by limiting the amount of fructose and fructans in the diet. Just some of the foods to be avoided include apples, honey, grapes, watermelon, garlic, apples, wheat and onions. And once you start looking you quickly realise there are onions, often as powder, in an extraordinary amount of processed foods. Our app covers a list of main stream foods - detailing their fructose friendliness.
Version 1.0
November 2013 - App launched.

Version 1.01
December 2013 - Recipes added and bugs fixed.

Version 1.02
January 2013 - App adapted for the ipad and android tablet.
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'New recipes are regularly added'

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